Nadine Geyersbach

Nadine Geyersbach has been a member of the theater ensemble at Theater Bremen since the season 2012/2013. She has performed there in numerous productions, including, among others, productions by Alize Zandwijk; Felix Rothenhäusler; Sophie Domenz; and Nurkan Erpulat. In addition, she designed the sets and costumes for Alize Zandwijk’s production of “Gas,” and she designed the masks for the production “Der Schimmelreiter” (“The Rider on the White Horse”) at Theater Bremen. Nadine Geyersbach is a founding member of the independent theater group “Candlelight Dynamite.”
Born in Erfurt, Germany, this actor finished her education at the Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch in Berlin. Afterwards she performed at, among other theaters, Berliner Ensemble and Schauspiel Hannover. This was followed by a period when she was under contract at Theater Freiburg; Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus; and Schauspielhaus Zürich, where she worked with the directors Sybille Fabian; Sebastian Baumgarten; Amelie Niermeyer; Antú Romero Nunes; Martin Klöpfer; Anna-Sophie Mahler; Christoph Loy; Heike M. Götze; and Christiane Pohle. In 2008 she received the sponsorship award from the City of Düsseldorf. Before she transferred to Theater Bremen, she was a guest performer at Schauspiel Köln, where she worked with Johannes Schütz, and at Schauspiel Hannover, where she worked with Ricarda Beilharz.

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